Garmin Backup

  • Works with Garmin and SRM PC 8 devices
  • Makes a local copy of your training files
  • Runs in the background and waits until your Garmin is connected
  • Different devices backed up in separate folders.

What does Garmin Backup Do?

Garmin Backup runs in your menu bar and waits until you plug in your Garmin or SRM PC8. When it detects your device, Garmin Backup copies any new exercise files to your backup folder. Each device's files are in a separate folder, even if you have more than one Garmin of the same model.

As your Garmin fills up, it deletes older session files to make way for more recent ones. Using Garmin Backup, you can ensure that you have a copy of all your training data.

Garmin Backup should work with all models of Garmin that appear as a USB device on your Mac - this includes most modern Garmins such as the Forerunner 735xt & 935 and the Edge 500, 510 & 520. It also works with the SRM PowerControl 8.


In future releases, we hope to support some of the older Garmin devices, such as the Edge 605 & 705.


For any problems or questions, please contact